Visit of the Honourable Governor of Tamil Nadu to ICAR-NRCB on 26.08.2023

His Excellency, the Governor of Tamil Nadu, visited the ICAR-National Research Centre for Banana on 26th August, 2023. During his visit, he examined the exhibition stalls of the National Research Centre for Banana, along with 14 other dedicated banana exhibition stalls. Here, he engaged in insightful discussions with technical experts, gaining valuable insights into their respective technologies.
The highlight of the day was the “Honourable Governor's interaction with Banana Stakeholders' which saw the participation of a diverse group of stakeholders from the banana industry. Over 200 stakeholders, including progressive banana farmers, Agricultural Science Central and State officials, banana exporters, entrepreneurs, educators, KVK, FPO personnel, and various other stakeholders, gathered for this interaction meeting. The event provided a platform for in-depth discussions on various aspects of the banana industry.
Dr. R. Selvarajan, the Director of the ICAR-National Research Centre for Banana, welcomed His Excellency the Governor of Tamil Nadu and all the participants and delivered an address highlighting the remarkable progress and achievements of the National Research Centre for Banana over the past three decades.
In his speech, the Honorable Governor emphasized the significance of bananas as a staple food. He expressed pride in the diverse array of products that can be derived from various parts of the banana plant. He also mentioned the importance of improving the lives of the farmers who play a vital role in feeding the nation and he highlighted that no country can progress if its farmers are not adequately respected and rewarded. The Governor stressed the need to ensure that technological advancements effectively reach the farming community. Drawing parallels with other agricultural crops such as sugarcane, paddy, and wheat, he expressed his commitment to establishing similar organizations to support banana farming. He asked the scientists to go for collaborative research along with IIM for further upscaling the advanced technologies at the Macro level with business ventures.


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