Arjun Singh Scientific
Mr.Arjun Singh [Scientist] (on study leave)
Qualification M.Sc.
Specialization / Discipline Natural Resource Management / Agronomy
Department Crop Production
Official email,
Salient Research Achievements
(in bullets)
  • Water management in Aerobic rice cultivation
  • Planting methods for Aerobic rice cultivation
Current Research
  • Developing agro-techniques for ICAR-NRCB released varieties (Co-PI)
Current Research
Area of Interest Resource conservation technology, Organic farming, Precision farming, GAP, ICM modules
Total Research Publications 8
Selected peer-reviewed research publications
  • Arjun Singh, Anchal Dass, C.V. Singh, Shiva Dhar and S. Sudhishri. 2018. Effect of planting methods, irrigation regimes and soil adjuvant on yield attributes, yield, nutrient uptake and economics in aerobic rice (Oryza sativa) in eastern India. Indian Journal of Agronomy 63 (2): 234-236.
  • Arjun Singh, Anchal Dass, Shiva Dhar, C. V. Singh, S. Sudhishri, Anil K. Choudhary, G. A. Rajanna, Saroj Choudhary, Ajay Pal and Raj Singh. 2020. Agronomic Practices to Enhance Nutrient Acquisition, Grain Quality, Resource-Use Efficiency in Direct- Seeded Aerobic Rice in Eastern India. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology 39(33): 102-111.
  • Arjun Singh, Anchal Dass, C.V. Singh, Shiva Dhar, S. Sudhishri, Kajal Das and Susheel K. Sarkar. 2017. Growth, productivity and nutrient concentration of aerobic rice (Oryza sativa L.) under different planting methods, irrigation schedules and soil adjuvant application. Ann. Agric. Res. 38 (4) : 368-374.
  • Ajay Pal, Seema Sepat, R.S. Bana, C.V. Singh and Arjun Singh. 2018. Varieties and phosphorus fertilization effects on productivity and profitability of direct-seeded upland rice (Oryza sativa) in Eastern India. Indian Journal of Agronomy 63 (4): 517-520.
  • Saroj Choudhary, S.S. Baghel, A.K. Upadhyay and Arjun Singh. 2019. STCR- based manure and fertilizers application effect on performance of rice and chemical properties of vertisol. Int. J. Curr. Microbiol. App. Sci 8(3): 2080-2086.
  • ICAR-Junior Research Fellowship
  • ICAR-Senior Research Fellowship
  • Best Masters Thesis award from GKV Society


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