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Dr.S.Backiyarani [Principal Scientist]
Qualification Ph.D.
Specialization / Discipline Plant Breeding and Genetics, Biotechnology
Department Crop Improvement
Official email,
Salient Research Achievements
(in bullets)
  • As a Principal breeder, developed three small cardamom varieties.
  • Developed somatic embryogenesis protocol for small cardamom.
  • Developed multiple shoot prodcution from banana zygotic embryos.
  • Developed genome specific markers to differentiate the banana A and B genome.
  • Developed MusatransSSR database.
  • Developed banana breeding tracker.
  • Developed DUS guidelines for banana and plantain.
Current Research
  • Improvement of banana through conventional breeding (PI)
  • Improvement and management of banana genetic resources in Indian Subcontinent (Co-PI)
  • Production of doubled haploids for improvement of bananas (Musa spp.) (Co-PI)
Current Research
  • Development and Transfer of Technology from Queensland University of Technology to India for Bio fortification and Disease Resistance in Banana ( Phase II )
    Component-1:   Biofortification and evaluation of Indian banana with pro Vitamin A (PVA) constructs(PI) funded by DBT, India
  • Improvement of Banana for Small Holder Farmers in the Great Lake Regions of Africa. Indian component – Breeding for improved banana with Fusarium wilt (Fusarium oxysporumfsp.cubense) resistance funded by Bioversity
    Interantional, Belgium
  • Functional genomics for Sigatoka resistance in banana- (Network project on transgenic crops). (Co-PI) funded by ICAR, New Delhi
  • Framing DUS guidelines for banana funded by PPV&FR. (Co-PI) funded by PPV FRA
Area of Interest Functional Genomics, Breeding, Plant Genetic transformation
Total Research Publications 72
Best five Publications
  • Backiyarani, S., Vigneshkumar, B., Chandrasekar, A., Saranya, S., Ramajayam, D., Saraswathi, MS., Durai, P., Kalpana, S. and Uma, S. (2020)  Strengthening of banana breeding through data digitalization. Database: 2020: 1-6 doi:10.1093/database/baz145
  • Suthanthiram Backiyarani*, Arumugam Chandrasekar, Subbaraya Uma And Marimuthu Somasundaram Saraswathi (2019) MusatransSSRDB (a transcriptome derived SSR database) – An advanced tool for banana improvement J Biosci (2019) 44:4 DOI: 10.1007/s12038-018-9819-5
  • Backiyarani. S., Uma,  S., Nithya, S., Chandrasekar, A.,  Saraswathi, M. S., Thangavelu, R., Mayilvaganan, M.,
    Sundararaju, P. and Singh, N.K. (2015) Genome-Wide Analysis and Differential Expression of Chitinases in Banana Against Root Lesion Nematode (Pratylenchus coffeae) and Eumusa Leaf Spot (Mycosphaerella eumusae) Pathogens Appl Biochem Biotechnol DOI 10.1007/s12010-015-1528-z
  • Backiyarani. S., Uma,S., Saraswathi, M. S., Saravanakumar, A.S. and Chandrasekar, A. (2015) Transcriptome analysis of banana (Musa balbisiana) based on next generation sequencing technology. Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry 39: DOI: 10. 3906/ tar-1406-171
  • S.Backiyarani, S. Uma, G. Arunkumar, M.S. Saraswathi, P. Sundararaju (2014). Differentially expressed genes in incompatible interactions of Pratylenchus coffeae with Musa using suppression subtractive hybridization Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 86 : 11-18
  • S. Backiyarani, S. Uma, P. Varatharaj  and M. S. Saraswathi. (2012) Mining of EST-SSR Markers of Musa and Their Transferability Studies Among the Members of Order the Zingiberales. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 169(1), 228-38
  • DBT -Postdoctoral Fellow.
  • CHAI Fellow
  • Dr.K.Ramiah Medal.
  • Dr.M.S.Swaminathan Award.
  • Best oral presenttion award - 2
  • Best poster presentation award - 6
  • CSIT Research Associate ship.
  • CSIR-Senior Research Fellowship.
  • TNAU Ph.D. Merit Fellowship.
  • TNAU M.Sc .(Ag) Merit Fellowship.
  • TNAU B.Sc. (Ag) Merit Fellowship.


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