Externally Funded
S.No. ICAR Funded Projects Principal Investigator
1 Consortia Research Platform on Vaccines and Diagnostics - Development and utilization of diagnostics to viruses of banana under R. Selvarajan
2 Network Program on Precison Agriculture (NePPA) I. Ravi
3 Agri-Business Incubation (ABI) Centre under ICAR - NAIF (Component-II) K.N. Shiva
4 Intellectual property management and Transfer / Commercialisation of Agricultural technology P. Suresh kumar
5 All India Co-ordinated project on Fruits (Banana) P. Suresh Kumar
6 Development of postharvest handling and smart packaging methods for the export of Traditional banana varieties and digital health monitoring of banana P. Suresh Kumar
7 Utilization of banana wastes for the development of symbiotic & designer foods through pre-pro-biotic approaches and to enhance the farmer's income P. Suresh Kumar
S.No. External Funded Projects Principal Investigator
1 Bioversity International Collaborative- Breeding for improved bananas with Fusarium Wilt (Fusarium oxysorum fsp cubense) resistance–Phase-II S. Uma
2 PPV&FRA- Framing Crop Specific DUS guidelines for banana M.S. Saraswathi
3 BRNS- High – throughput Screening for induced mutations in banana cv. Grand Naine (AAA) with Fusarium wilt (TR4) resistance (Phase III) M.S. Saraswathi
4 NABARD- Design, Development and Validation of Online Banana Trading platform for farmers of FPOs in Tiruchirapalli District D. Ramajayam
5 DST SERB- A whole Genome based educed representation approach for identification of seedless phenotype in banana (Musa spp.) C. Anuradha
6 DBT–QUT (Component II)- Transfer and Evaluation of Indian Banana with iron / PVA Constructs” (Phase II) M. Mayil Vaganan / S. Backiyarani
7 DBT- Banana Sakthi Nanoformulation – Effective delivery systems of the micronutrient mixture for improved banana cultivation K.J. Jeyabaskaran
8 CGIAR/Bioversity International- Conservation and use of Genetic Resource – Regional Workshop on Phenotyping of bananas for drought tolerance I. Ravi
9 PM FME- Establishment of common incubation centre (CIC) P. Suresh kumar
10 CGIAR/Bioversity International- Conservation and use of Genetic Resource [Status of adoption behaviour of ITC accessions in India under the banana production system and the constraint analysis in the dissemination process) C. Karpagam
11 CGIAR/Bioversity International- A1555-INIT-13- Plant Health and Rapid Response to Protect Food Security and Livelihoods R. Thangavelu
12 CGIAR/Bioversity International- Conservation and use of Genetic Resource – Evaluation of ITC Genotypes for their reaction to FoC R1 and TR4 R. Thangavelu
13 DST- Breaking frontiers for the improvement of plants natural defense against pathogens in Banana (Musa species) through genome mining K. Panneerselvam
14 DST- Musa Tilling:Construction of a structured high-efficient mutant resource for functional genomics and crop improvement of banana (Musa spp.) K. Panneerselvam


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