Institute Ongoing Projects
# Project Name Principal Investigator
Crop Improvement
1 Crop Improvement of banana through conventional breeding S.Backiyarani
2 Improvement and management of banana genetic resources in Indian subcontinent S.Uma
3 Improvement of cv. Grande Naine (Cavendish - AAA) for Fusarium wilt resistance through non-conventional breeding M.S.Saraswathi
4 Development of trait specific markers for fusarium wilt resistance through association mapping studies in banana (Musa spp.) M.S.Saraswathi
5 Identification and evaluation of superior clones of cv.Ney Poovan (AB) and Grand Naine (AAA) D. Ramajayam
6 Production of doubled haploids for improvement of bananas (Musa spp.) D. Ramajayam
7 Identification of resistant gene candidate(s) in banana for tropical race 4 of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense C.Anuradha
Crop Production
1 Development of clump management technology for enhanced productivity in banana V.Kumar
2 Studies on nutrient dynamics in banana K.J.Jeyabaskaran
3 Organic banana farming for sustainable soil healthand nutritional security K.J.Jeyabaskaran
4 Developing agro-techniques for ICAR-NRCB released varieties and selections of banana K.J.Jeyabaskaran
5 High Temperature and soil moisture deficit stresses in banana: Mechanism of high temperature tolerance and management of high temperature and soil moisture deficit stresses in banana I.Ravi
6 Biochemistry of banana fruit ripening and characterization of high value compounds of fruit and flower M.Mayilvaganan
7 Development of pre and post harvest techniques for leaf production in banana K.N.Shiva
8 Developing integrated package of practices for export of selected commercial and GI tagged varieties of Indian Bananas K.N.Shiva
9 Novel smart delivery systems for developing high value nutraceutical foods using Banana and exploring Non-food applications P.Suresh Kumar
Crop Protection
1 Pest mapping in bananas and plantains of India J.Poorani
2 Bio-intensive management of major insect pests of Banana J.Poorani
3 Investigations on Musa nematode’s biology, behaviour, diversity and their interactions P.Giribabu
4 Integrated management of tropical race 4 of Fusarium wilt disease in banana R.Thangavelu
5 Survey, etiology and management of rhizome rot of banana M.Loganathan
6 Management of post harvest diseases of banana M.Loganathan
7 Molecular approaches to understand the host-virus-vector-environment interactions and RNAi for the management of banana viruses R.Selvarajan
8 Proteomic analysis of host-BBTV interaction in banana C.Anuradha


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