NRCB transferred patented Banana Juice technology to Tamil Nadu Banana Producers Company on 6th May 2022

ICAR - NRCB has licensed and transferred basil seed suspendedclarified banana juice to Thottiyam Banana Producer Company Ltd – Member of Tamil Nadu Banana Growers Federation (TNBGF). During the event. Dr. S. Uma, Director ICAR-NRCB highlighted that,this technology transfer and converting over ripe banana to juice will add new products to the market. Banana is grown in 6000 ha in Trichy district and approximately one lakh hectare in Tamil Nadu. Banana, being ahighly perishable fruit with a shorter shelf life of 3-4 days after ripening, its post-harvest loss is a major problem. Thelosses are ranged from 20 to 30% during transportation and marketing due to adverse physiological changes,softening of the flesh, and colour change in skin.Farmers, traders and consumers are in distress due to this problem. Dr. P. Suresh Kumar, Principal Scientist, one of the inventors of the technologies,briefed that the market is flooded with artificially flavoured, synthetic chia seed suspended juice which has traces of fruit juice with lot of added sugar. In the first of its kind, NRCB has come up with the novel technology of using traditional basil seeds to make suspended clarified banana juice. According to Dr. K. N. Shiva Principal Scientist and Co-inventor of the technology,the leading sales from the banana industry derive from fresh banana sales, while the processing rate is less than 10%, banana processing has an excellent potential to find a place in the processing industry which grows with a CAGR of more than 10% for the past five years. Mr. G. Ajeethan, Managing Director of the FPOsaid that the technology from the NRCB will be used to produce, new beverage from banana and he is confident that it will surely give new taste and flavor to the tongues of peoples who often satisfied with synthetic beverages. Mr. VA. Subramanian, Treasurer happily expressed that the varieties like Poovan, Karpuravalli could find a better solution as they are majorly affected with price volatility in the market. Mr. M. Kamaraju, Technical Officer and scholars of the division involved in the hands-on sessions.Institute has also developed more than 55 different technologies using different parts of banana including minimally processed foods, low sugar bakery and confectionary foods and utilizing wastes like peel, stem, corm and male flower for functional foods for the benefit of entrepreneurs and consumers.Institute also has the incubation facility which can be utilized by the entrepreneurs who has an idea on agro-processing and wish to do test marketing of produce before going on their own


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