Padmanaban Scientific
Dr.B.Padmanaban [Principal Scientist]
Qualification Ph.D.
Specialization / Discipline Agricultural Entomology
Department Crop Protection
Official email,
Salient Research Achievements
(in bullets)
  • Identified semiochemical blend for corm weevil and stem weevil and tested under field conditions.
  • Isolated rhizospheric and endophytic entomopathogenic fungi from insects /soil and plants for weevil and insect control.
  • Cosmolure was evaluated under field conditions which attracted 3-36 corm weevils/trap.
  • Identified banana stem trap as a delivery system for the Entomopathogenic fungi Beauveria bassiana (1x107) and infective juveniles of nematode, Heterorhabditis indica (1x107) for the management of banana weevils.
  • Mass production method for Entomopathogenic fungus, Beauveria bassianaand nematode, Heterorhabditis indica has been standardized.
  • Developed management technology for banana rust thrips.
Current Research
  • Management of Banana weevils (PI)
  • Pest mapping in bananas and palntains in India(Co-PI)
  • Molecular approaches to understand the host-virus-vector-environment interactions and RNAi for the management of banana viruses (Co-PI)
Current Research
Area of Interest Semiochemicals, Microbial Biological control of insect pests
Total Research Publications 46
Best five Publications
  • Padmanaban, B, P.Sundararaju, K.C.Velayuthan and S.Sathiamoorthy, 2001 Evaluation of Musa germplasm against banana weevil borers Infomusa10: 26-28.
  • Padmanaban, B., R.Thangavelu, M. Gopi and M.M. Mustaffa, 2009 Effect of mass multiplication media on sporulation, field efficacy and shelf life ofBeauveria bassiana against rhizome and pseudostem weevils of banana.Journal of Biological control 23 (3): 277-283.
  • Palanichamy.S ., B.Padmanaban., M. I. Fazal Mohamed and M.M.Mustaffa, 2011 A simple and low cost semiochemical based trapping method for the management of banana pseudostem weevil, Odoiporus longicollis Olivier (Coleoptera:Curculionidae) . Advances in Applied Science Research, 2011, 2 (3): 69-73.
  • Palanichamy.S, B. Padmanaban, M. I. Fazal Mohamed and M. M Mustaffa, 2011 Microwave Oven Assisted Extraction of Banana pseudostem kairomones as attractant of Odoiporus longicollis Olivier (Coleoptera:Curculionidae):Electroantennogram investigations.Archives of Applied Science Research, 2011, 3 (3):213-216.
  • Prasuna.A.L., K.N.Jyothi. A.R.Prasad. J.S.Yadav and B.Padmanaban, 2008 Olfactory responses of banana pseudostem weevil , Odoiporus longicollisOlivier (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) to semiochemicals from conspecifics and host plant . Current Science 94 (7):896-900.
  • INSA Visiting Fellowship 1996-97
  • Banana Research cum Extension Award -2001.
  • Dr.S.Sithanantham award -2009-10.
  • Distinguished Alumnus Award -2012.
  • Fellow of AIPUB
  • Fellowship of Entomology Academy of India (FIAE)
  • Fellow of Plant Protection Association of India (FPPAI)
  • Fellow of Entomological Society of India (FESI)
  • Fellow of Society for Bio control advancement (FSBA)


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