Shiva Scientific
Dr.K.N.Shiva [Principal Scientist]
Qualification Ph.D. in Horticulture
Specialization / Discipline Horticulture – Crop Production & Post-Harvest Technology
Department Crop Production and Post-Harvest technology
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Salient Research Achievements
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  • Standardized modified atmospheric packaging and active packaging for commercial varieties on extending the shelf-life of banana
  • Standardized post-harvest management practices for banana flower (male bud) and central core stem and minimal processing and mechanization package for central core stem and its packing and storage for extending the shelf-life without enzymatic browning.
  • Banana pulp based products (ready to serve beverage, Sip-up, nutri-bars, mixed fruit jam) were developed with consumer acceptance.
  • Banana central core (stem) based RTS/juice flavoured with spices and herbs, squash and syrup, ‘Stem powder’, ‘Soup mix and ‘Ice-cream mix’ were developed.
  • Banana fruit and central core (stem) juice based Jellies were developed.
  • Value added products such as ‘Pickle from immature fallen banana green fingers’ and ‘Central core (stem) based ginger candies’ from waste materials generated from natural calamities.
  • Standardized nutrient requirement, pre-treatments, packing and storage techniques for extending the shelf-life of banana leaves.
  • Developed banana flour based snack foods and extruded products – Cookies, Pasta and Noodles enriched with antioxidants.
  • Evaluated different varieties of bananas for fiber extraction under AICRP-TF.
  • Standardized better extraction method/process for fine fiber from banana sheath was standardized with biochemical and textile characterization.
  • Better agent for ripening of banana with better quality and sensory characters.
  • Assessed post-harvest losses in commercial and traditional varieties of banana in five states.
  • Actively involved in the formulation, implementation, coordination and monitoring of research projects in 12 mandatory spice crops spreading over 27 centers under All India Coordinated Research Project on Spices for about six years (Sept. 2001 to May 2007) at ICAR- IISR, Calicut, Kerala. During the tenure, ten varieties have been recommended for release to various states/regions of the country for cultivation and fifteen promising technologies in crop production and protection were recommended for transfer to extension agency for adoption. Besides, twenty technologies were demonstrated in the field at 13 AICRPS-Centers to the farmers under Assessment of technologies (Front Line Demonstrations-FLD) with the financial support of ICAR during 2003 to 2007.
  • Identified paprika alike chilli lines with high yield, high color and low pungency.
  • Turmeric seedling lines with high yield, high and low curcumin content.
  • Collected, catalogued, characterized and evaluated the germplasm of Horticultural Crops in the Bay Islands (Fruits, plantation crops, spices and Medicinal plants).
Current Research
Development of Pre and Post Harvest Techniques for Leaf Production in Banana (PI)
Current Research
  • Agri-Business Incubation Centre under National Agriculture Innovation Fund of ICAR Component –II (ICAR sponsored) (PI)
Area of Interest Crop Production and Post-Harvest Technology in Horticultural Crops
Total Research Publications 36
Best five Publications
  • Zachariah, T.J., Jayashree, E., and Shiva, K.N., (2019). Effect of modified atmosphere storage on the shelf life and quality of black pepper and turmeric. Journal of Spices and Aromatic Crops, 28(1): 20-26.
  • Shiva, K.N., Adiyaman, P., Ravindra Naik and Marimuthu, N. (2018). Development and Standardization of Banana Pseudostem based Novel Functional Blended Ready to Drink (RTD) Beverages and Studies on Nutritional Changes during Storage. An International Journal of Life Sciences, 7(3): 151-158.
  • Shiva, K.N. Mayil Vaganan, M. and Mustaffa, M.M (2014). Evaluation of KMS and Sugar Syrup on dehydrated banana. Indian J. Hort., 71(4) ): 536-540.
  • John Zachariah, T., Safeer, A.L., Jayarajan, K., Leela, N.K., Vipin, T.M., Saji, K.V., Shiva, K.N. Parthasarathy, V.A. and Mammootty, K.P. (2010). Correlation of metabolites in the leaf and berries of selected black pepper varieties. Scientia Horticulture, 123 : 418-422.
  • Shiva, K.N. Suryanarayana, M.A. and Medhi, R.P. 2003. Genetic Resources of Spices and Their Conservation in Bay Islands. Indian J. Plant Genet. Resour.,16(2): 27-31.
  • National Merit Scholarship by TN state government (34th rank in the state)
  • IARI Junior Research Fellowship for Master’s Degree (First rank in All India entrance)
  • IARI Senior Research Fellowship for Doctorate Degree (First rank in All India entrance)
  • Hindi Protsahan Puraskar 2009 by Indian Institute of Spices Research, Calicut, Kerala for the Significant Contribution in Hindi Work in office
  • Executive Council Member of Indian Society for Spices, IISR, Calicut, Kerala for two years: 2011-2013 & 2013-2015.
  • Best oral and poster presentation awards from various fora.


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