ICAR-NRCB and ISHA outreach (Kaveri Calling) jointly organized “Cultivation of Food Forest and Triphal Diversity Show” on 23.6.2024

ICAR institutes, including the National Research Centre for Banana (NRCB), IIHR, and CTCRI, partnered with Isha Outreach to host the “Cultivation of Food Forest and Triphal Diversity Show 2024.” The event took place at Puskaram Agricultural College, Thiruvarangulam, Pudukkottai, on June 23, 2024. It showcased the diversity of mango, jackfruit, and banana varieties, drawing over 5,500 farmers & other stakeholders and reaching over 10,000 through social media, with extensive media coverage.

Dr. R. Selvarajan, Director of ICAR-NRCB, emphasized the cultural, socio-economic, and geographical importance of bananas in his address. He highlighted Tamil Nadu's historical significance in cultivating mango, jackfruit, and banana, known as "Mukkanigal," attributing this heritage to the Chera, Chola, and Pandya dynasties' promotion of these fruits. He informed that our banana germplasm wealth is globally prominent and we grow more varieties than any other country in the world.

ICAR-NRCB displayed around 50 banana varieties with unique traits, including high carotenoids, minerals, iron, resistant starch, medicinal properties, and distinct flavors. GI-tagged bananas like Matti, Sirumalai, and Virupakshi were prominently featured. Over 50 value-added banana products were also exhibited, showcasing the fruit's versatility and economic potential. ICAR-NRCB presented various technologies beneficial to farmers, stakeholders, and entrepreneurs.

Twenty five farmers were honored for their efforts in conserving mango, jackfruit, and banana varieties, playing a crucial role in preserving genetic diversity and promoting sustainable agriculture. Subsidized banana, mango, and jackfruit seedlings were also distributed to farmers. Mr.M.M.Abdulla, Rajya Sabha M.P. also stressed the need of increasing forest cover in our country. The efforts of “Isha foundation” and “Cavery Calling” in planting crores at trees was appreciated.


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