ICAR-NRCB Co-organizes the Triphal Diversity Show during May 31-June 2,2024

ICAR-National Research Centre for Banana, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, in collaboration with ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru, co-organized the Triphal Diversity Show 2024. The event, held at ICAR-IIHR, Hesaraghatta, Bengaluru, from May 31 to June 2, 2024, showcased the diversity of mango, jackfruit, and banana varieties. The show attracted over 10,000 visitors and reached more than 20,000 enthusiasts through social media, with extensive coverage in print and electronic media. The event featured around 300 mango varieties, 100 jackfruit varieties, and 100 banana varieties.

The inaugural ceremony on May 31, 2024, featured Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, DDG (Horticultural Sciences) ICAR-Headquarters, New Delhi, as the chief guest. He highlighted the significance of mango, jackfruit, and banana in improving farmers' livelihoods, socio-economic status, and nutritional intake, emphasizing the importance of biodiversity for enhancing production and productivity in India. He also discussed potential international collaborations, especially with the Australian council for academic exchanges.Dr. Prakash Patil, Director of IIHR, spoke about the role of ICAR-IIHR and ICAR-NRCB in the collection, maintenance, and improvement of diverse germplasm of these fruits. Ms. Harriet White, Vice Consultant from the Australian Consulate in Bengaluru, appreciated the efforts of ICAR-IIHR and ICAR-NRCB in organizing the show and emphasized the need for bilateral collaboration between India and Australia in agricultural research and education.

Dr. R. Selvarajan, Director, ICAR-NRCB, highlighted the cultural, socio-economic, and geographical importance of bananas, describing them as "Kalpataru" for their versatile uses. He noted India's leading position in banana production and consumption and the significant export demand. ICAR-NRCB has Asia’s largest banana germplasm collection, with over 520 varieties.

Seven farmers were awarded for their efforts in conserving mango, jackfruit, and banana genotypes. Additionally, two MoUs were exchanged, and two publications were released during the event.

ICAR-NRCB showcased around 120 distinct banana varieties with unique traits such as high carotenoids, minerals, iron, resistant starch, medicinal properties, and distinct flavors. GI-tagged bananas like Matti, Sirumalai, Virupakshi, Nanjangud Rasabale, Kamalapur Red, Changalikodan, Jalgaon banana, and Myndoli (Moira) were displayed. Over 50 value-added products made from various parts of the banana plant were exhibited, including sugar, low-fat chips, cellulose, starch, wine, vinegar, cake, desserts, pickles, chocolates, health mix, baby health mix, banana stem juice, banana basil seed suspended juice, handicrafts, and textiles made from banana fibre.

The valedictory program on June 2, 2024, included the distribution of prizes to winners of quiz and recipe competitions and certificates to the custodians of these fruit crop varieties. Chief guest Sh. G Narayanaswamy, Ex Principal Chief Commissioner of Central Taxes, Bangalore Division, praised the organizers' efforts. Dr.V. Venkatasubramanian, Director, ATARI, Bengaluru, highlighted the role of over 700 Krishi Vignan Kendras (KVKs) in enhancing farmers' livelihoods through biodiversity and value-added fruit products.


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