ICAR-NRCB signs PPPP mode MoU in the presence of UNIDO for the deployment of low carbon reefer container for handling bananas for domestic market on 21st December 2023

The ICAR-NRCB has signed an MoU with Thermal Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (TESSOL), Mumbai (recognized by UNIDO for innovative energy solutions) and the Tamil Nadu Banana Growers Federation. The collaboration aims to design and assess the effectiveness of temperature control on the shelf-life of various banana varieties, particularly for long-distance domestic transport in a low-carbon emitting reefer container.
Dr. R. Selvarajan, Director of ICAR-NRCB, highlighted that carbon emissions in banana production results from improper practices, fertilizer misuse, and post-harvest handling and logistic activities. He emphasized that the low carbon emitting reefer container developed by TESSOL could significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with these processes.
Shri Sandeep Tandon, National Project Manager at UNIDO, shared that the organization, in collaboration with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency and the Ministry of Power, is implementing a project called 'Facility for Low Carbon Technology Deployment.' UNIDO has funded TESSOL to develop and validate the unique reefer container for banana transport and storage
Shri Rajat Gupta, Founder of the start up TESSOL, explained the use of phase change materials (PCMs) in creating a "Sustainable cold-chain transport and ripening of banana." Mr. G. Ajeethan, Managing Director of TNBGF, expressed optimism that the technology would be easily adopted by farmers, leading to a significant reduction in post-harvest losses.
Dr. P.Suresh Kumar, Principal Scientist, stressed the importance of dynamic technology with sensors and remote monitoring for widespread adoption. Dr. J. Poorani, Dr. M. S. Saraswathi, and Dr. Pramod Shelake were also present in the meeting.


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