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A promising new variety belongs to Pisang Awak group similar to Karpuravalli banana.

Suitable for cultivation in banana growing states viz., Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, North Eastern regions in place of local Karpuravalli banana.

The average yield is 37 kg., with a potential to yield up to 45 kg which is 40 per cent higher than local Karpuravalli.

The plants are comparatively dwarf in stature with a duration of 15-16 months.

It has cylindrical bunch with 13-15 hands and 15 - 20 fruits per hand.

Fruits are elongated with 14 -16 cm in length and 10-13 cm in circumference.

Field tolerant to nematode and leaf spot diseases.

Highly suitable for processing industry.


This is a selection from somaclonal variant of tissue cultured Manoranjitham.

Pseudostem is dark green, dull with black blotches. There were larger black brown blotches appears on the sides of the petiole base.

Plant height ranged from 4.9-5.2 m with a pseudostem girth of 110 cm.

Bunch is compact and slightly angular in position.

Fruits are dark in green at maturity and yellowish green at ripening.

Mature fruits are dark green and turn green yellow upon ripening.

Average bunch weight is 18-22 kgs with 12-14 hands and 17-20 fingers per hand as against 13-15 kg in local Manoranjitham.

Resistant to Fusarium wilt

Crop duration is 13-14 months.

Pulp is cream in color and Juicy sweet with intense aroma.

The flavor is comparable with the fragrance of Manoranjitham flowers (Atrabotrys odoratissimus). Because of its fragrance nature it fetches high prices in the market.

Owing to its unique flavor, fruits are highly suitable for preparing banana ice creams


Saba is an exotic introduction and belongs to ABB genomic group and Bontha subgroup.

This is a drought and salinity tolerant variety.

Medium statured plant with 3- 3.5m height.

Leaves are dark green and shiny. Bunch is slightly angular in position.

There are 9- 10 hands in a bunch and are loosely packed.

Weight of the bunch ranged from 26- 29 kg, and the duration is 360 – 380 days.

Fruits are dark green, flattened with blunt tip. Fruit pulp is starchy.

It is grows well both in plains and higher altitudes.

Saba is more suitable for marginal cultivation and saline sodic soils with pH ranging from 8.8 to 9.0.

This can be used for both culinary and dessert purpose.

This can be a suitable substitute for Monthan, Adukku Monthan and Vayalvazhai.

It has a longer green life of 7-8 days as against 3-5 days in Monthan and therefore the consumer preference and prices are high in the market.

Suitable for flour making and resistant starches which could be used in health and soup mixes, bakeries and extruded products like pasta, noodles etc.

4. KAVERI KALKI(Namwa Khom)

It is an exotic introduction (ITC 0659) belonging to ABB genomic group and Pisang Awak sub group.

Plant is dwarf statured with 2-2.4m height with about 90 cm circumference at the base.

Plant stature is robust and sturdy with short leaves.

Green pseudostem with pink streaks.

Leaves are almost erect in position, therefore suitable for high density planting.

Can grow up to 1050 plants per acre with the spacing of 1.85m x 1.85m.

Reducing the cost of cultivation as it needs no propping.

It exhibits the shortest duration of 12 months and hence suitable for annual cropping system.

Average bunch weighs around 17-20 kg with 13- 15 hands and 16-18 fruits per hand. having a potential to yield up to 25 kg.

Fruits are of marketable quality with sugary taste with 31 oBrix.

Fruits and flowers are highly suitable for preparing value added products like Fig and banana chocolates and flowers pickle.


Kaveri Haritha released as Central variety for the states Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Odisha and West Bengal.

Bunch is huge and cylindrical in shape.

Tightly packed bunch with 10-11 hands

Bunch weight is ranging from 28- 30 kgs.

Fruits elongated ended with pointed tip.

Better cooking characteristics

This is performing well in all the banana growing areas in India.


Kaveri Kanya released as Central variety for the states Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and West Benqal.

Medium tall and robust nature with 2.6 – 2.8m height with 80-90cm girth at the base.

Bunch is huge and truncated cone shape.

Tightly packed bunch with 10-11 hands.

There are 10-12 hands of fruits in a bunch and are tightly packed.

Fruits are completely turned towards the Peduncle.

Bunch weight is ranging from 26- 28 kgs.

Fruits are shorter and thick skinned.

Wind tolerant.


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